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e-Education is our OutReach Program to enhance the learning of Science using the facilities and resources of the INTERNET. It aims to present scientific concepts that are best represented by the use of programming and the multimedia capabilities of the WEB pages. It is NOT a textbook of exhaustive facts and pictures.

e-Education is in English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese. It caters to the learning of Science by students in all three streams, with a goal to help our students in Malaysia to master the English Language in learning as we open our doors to communication internationally.

e-Education will publish some original pictures of scientific interest in the learning of Science, discovered at Dizcovery Science Center! We will also publish our programming and multimedia artefacts and projects.

Currently, e-Education is aimed at the learning of Science at the Secondary Schools in Malaysia.

Dizcovery Science Center is an ongoing project. Here are some of its highlights to date.

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Physics at Form Four

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Physics at Form Five

511biasblok01s.JPG (3582 bytes)Optics and waves

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General Science at Form Four

Rancangan Tahunan Ting 4
Ujian Bulan Julai 2001
Ujian Ogos 2001
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General Science at Form Five

Rancangan Tahunan Ting 5
Peperiksaan Pertengahan Tahun 2001 Tingkatan Lima
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