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 1990-1999 Pharmacy Management and Sales System (PMSS)
a.Stock Movement
c.Point of Sales

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Implemented at Negeri Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Management and Sales System consists of Three distinct modules:

  • Stock Movement
  • Accounting
  • Point of Sales

This PMSS system had been tried and tested over ten years of experience in the needs of pharmacists which maintain a separation of Store Items and Shopfloor Items for credit sales and cash sales. It caters to the special needs of pharmacists where drugs are sold in whole or loose form. In fact there is no limit to the level of unpacking. A box of vitamins can be sold as leaves of 10 tablets, or even as individual tablets. Other liquid drugs can be sold as bottles or in milliliters. The system handles the unpacking or packing automatically!

The Stock Movement Module

This module consists of a few important functions:

  • Invoicing
  • Receive Goods from Supplier
  • Return Goods to Supplier
  • Return Goods from Client
  • Transfer Goods to Shopfloor
  • Return Goods from Shopfloor

The Accounting Module

This module covers all the accounting needs of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger, with clients' sales tracking as well as supplier sales tarcking.

The Point of Sales System

One of the biggest challenges of designing a P.O.S. for the pharmacist is the tracking of loose-packing. Here there is only one item code to cover loose packing, facilitating stock checking of all items sold that is actually only one type of item, but sold in various packaging.

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