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1995-2000 The Tiffin Project
b. Dialup
c. HQ Receive
d. HQ cosolidation
e. HQ Reports
f. Factory Production

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This was our most extensive wide area networking project, linking the Rangefield-Tiffin Headquarters (originally loacted at PJS) to 13 outlets throughout Malaysia through telephone lines and modems.

The system consists of a few distinct modules integrated together as a single system:

  • PC Point of Sales (PCPOS)
  • POS dialup/send module
  • Headquarters Receive Module
  • Headquarters Data Consolidation
  • Headquarters Sales Report Module
  • Factory Production Module

The PC POS Module

The PC POS Module is an advanced POS terminal that is capable of communicating with the HQ COMM module, sending sales data to HQ using a simple one button send option. The serial communication is built into the software, eliminating the need for the user to switch to a third party software. This reduces the time of training needed to recruit new cashiers.

POS Dialup Modem Module

With just one button, the user is guided through an automatic dialup module, which will compress the sales data, all up HQ and send the data seemlessly.

HQ Receive Module

Once the HQ module is set to receive, data is received and automatically stored in the appropriate folders for easy data extraction.

HQ Sales Report Module

The crux of any multi-outlet sales report is to be able to lay out sales data in any format that enhances the perception and planning of sales to various outlets. Each outlet has different sales behaviour, and the report should reveal this vital management data in an orderly manner. This system provides all these features, and more!

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A typical outlet at Tiffin Bakery

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The Outlets at a glance...

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