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.This Software Research Project has been an experiment in development of database systems.

The project started with development using dBase II in 1984, then moved to a dBase Compiler.

In 1987, it was completely written in Turbo Pascal, using a Pascal database file system. It was just a plain flat file.

In 1990, it was rewritten in C language, using a relational database system written in C. The source was adapted from Al Steven's book.

The basic function of this software system is to have a user interface to enter the examination marks of a class of students. The processing part involves reading the results, calculate the GRADE of each subject, calculate the overall total, average, and   level (pangkat). Then it sorts the class by position in class.

Performance was measured as how long it took to process a class of 40 students. The measurements are recorded as and tabulated with language and processor speed at the time the software was used.

Year language processor speed machine time
1984 dBase II Intel 8088 25 MHz Sanyo MBC 550 20 min.
1987 Turbo Pascal Intel 8088 25 MHz Sanyo MBC 550 2 min
1990 C Pentium 133 MHz IBM PC clone <2 sec
  • User friendly data entry screen
  • Calculates Subject Grades, Total, Average, Agregate, Overall Grade
  • Process each class in under 30 minutes (including data entry, checking, processing, printout.
  • Class Table to hold Form Teacher, and subjects for each class
  • Class by Position
  • Class by Alphabetical Order
  • Class by Report Card Subject Order


  • Student performance for each grade for each subject for each class
  • Student performance for each subject by class
  • Overall performance for Form

Reports for prize giving

  • Best Students for each class
  • Best Students for each Form
  • Best Students for each subject


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