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Dizcovery Science Centre is created to use the Internet to teach Science and Physics and to share our discoveries, as well as our research & development, with the world. You are now looking at the Web Site of Yip Chi Kiong.

We make the ordinary extraordinary and we make the extraordinary ordinary!

Latest Developments:
    2009 Ontology Generator

2008 PLVMS

  • Winner for Malaysian Toray Science Foundation, Science Education Award(2008)

2007 CRMSA

  • Runners Up for Malaysian Toray Science Foundation, Science Education Award(2007)

2006 Electronic Impulse Models of the Human Nervous System

  • Runners Up for Malaysian Toray Science Foundation, Science Education Award(2006)

2005 Latest Teaching Methods: Steam-powered 4-Stroke Engine

  • Runners Up for Malaysian Toray Science Foundation, Science Education Award(2005)

    2004 Research Project: Examinations Web Services System - EWSS

    • details to be released at a later date

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Our Mission                                                     

Dizcovery Science Center's main aim is to share our discoveries with all of you folks out there.

Discovery Science Centre aims at bringing the best of INTERNET culture into the learning of Science.

In Discovery Science Centre, we will bring you REAL SCIENCE, science as it actually happened. Many of the pictures will be real photographs of true experiments and true happenings of scientific interest, animated when possible. You will find many original pictures of scientific interest produced by our Founder and his disciples! You may not have seen those pictures before.

In this site is also a documentation of the background behind our OutReach Programs. You will find historical records of most of the work done at Dizcovery Science Center. Some information is classified though, and is not available to the general public.

We will bring you some of the results of our Research and Development, to share our little discoveries with those few who are interested in what we are doing.

We have only just started. This is only the beginning of beginnings...

New Comers

If you are new, or haven't visited our site for a long time, see our

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This caterpillar has a lot of energy. Can anyone name it?

Hi_res pix available for sale

Previous features

Our Profile

Dizcovery Science Center consists of several centers of activity:

    Research and Development

    Computer Software Development

    OutReach through e-Education

    Internet Development

    Web Services

    Artificial Intelligence

We'll let you know more as we build our site

Founder and Director: Yip Chi Kiong (Ye Zhiqiang)

Since 1 September 2000

Hitmatic since 24 jul 2001

Last Update: 07/29/2010



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We are currently making some major renovation to our site. You might encounter some difficulties in accessing our site in the next few days.
We thank many of you for requests for certain additions to our Web Site, especially on the education pages. Our current policy is to cater to the teaching of Science and Physics at SMJK Chan Wa. We regret that we do not as yet have the time resources needed to support external teaching requests. Thank you for your support.

Contact Information

E mail to us your comments.

Telephone 06-7635834 (very hard to get through!)
FAX (call us before faxing, same number)
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Cyber Space
Electronic mail
General Information: yipzqiang@yahoo.com (try this)
Customer Support:
Webmaster:Yip Chi Kiong yipzqiang@yahoo.com
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